Fall Half Marathon

October marks the 1 year anniversary of my first half marathon! I finally bit the bullet and registered for a fall race, my third half marathon. I’ll be running the UnitedHealthcare Newport Half Marathon right here at home. This is actually the same race series as the spring half I did. It bugs me that I’m doing 2 out of the 3 races and therefore won’t achieve the “Triple Crown” medal you get for doing all three.

My first race choice was Smuttynose but I waited too long and the day I decided to register was the same day it sold out. Lesson learned.

Ooh PS. I’m getting nervous because tomorrow is the Diva Dash race. The race I’ve been pimping for months is finally here. I’ve never done an obstacle race so I’m scared about how I’ll make it through. It’s a ladyfied course so the pressure is low and I can skip whatever I want to, but that might make it even more embarrassing if it takes me all day. I meant to try some monkey bars to see if I could even hang (pun intended) but I forgot. I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t even attempt them. I have no upper body strength! Alright enough with the negative talk, I need to focus on finishing.

I actually want to do another half marathon in November. My idea is if i run 13.1 on Oct 13 in Newport, I can keep training up to 15 or more miles then possibly PR in a November race. Let me know if you have any ideas for a good November race, even a destination one.


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