Cheap deal on Bulu box or Saks outlet

It seems like a lot of you liked the previous Living Social deal I told you about so here’s another cool deal. Today only, you can get a really good deal to try the Bulu Box. I’ve personally never tried any subscription box yet, but for this price, why not? Each month, Bulu Box sends you 4-5 generous samples of vitamins, supplements, or weight loss aids. Living Social has a 3-month subscription for $15, but if you use the code FALL13, it will knock another $5 off. Your 3-month subscription comes out to $10 – that’s three months for the price of one.

These products do not lean towards clean, natural living though, so it’s up to you if that’s your thing.

Alternatively, you can also use that code – Fall13 on this deal for Off Saks (Saks 5th Ave outlet). You will end up paying $15 for a $40 gc to Off Saks.

I bought that deal last week and ended up with a silk DVF dress that was originally $325, paid $51 total ($35 at the register + $16 for the coupon).


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