Long run in Chicago

Happy three day weekend! I am happy to report that even though I’m out of town I got in my scheduled 7.5 mile long run.
Suburban Chicago has a great bike trail system that goes on forever. It’s a dirt/pebble path and very shady in most parts. My route even took me into a forest preserve, so I veered off the main path and did a couple of loops on the forest trail. It’s always neat to see plants that are way different than back home. And this path was super soft covered in wood chips.
Because of my loops in the park, my out-and-back timing was off. When I finished my mileage, I was still 1.5 mi away from home. Doh! I had a long, very slow, cool down.

I was going to sign up for the Smuttynose Half Marathon but they were sold out as of last Monday, the same day I decided to sign up. I’m on track for a Columbus Day weekend race, so I have to hurry up & pay before those sell out too. It feels good to be back on a running schedule.

PS – I want to show you my new phone case:


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