New Gear: Athleta skort and Ideology jacket

Athleta finally made it to my little state, and I just went for the first time. Oh man, can I please just live in those clothes? You can sign me up to me an obnoxious yoga mom pushing a baby jogger stroller holding an iced coffee. I can get down with the sexy yoga clothes all day erryday. I don’t even do yoga but those outfits make me wanna do yoga.

The store has finally been open long enough for things to go on clearance, so I took a look. I can barely afford even their sale prices! I was able to score the Airbrush Relay Skort (a running skort) for only $20.

Athleta skort

image: Athleta

I have two other running skirts, from Target and a Nike sample sale. Both cost around $15. The original price on this skort was $64! Price is not always an indicator, but as soon as I put this on, I knew it was different. My cheaper skorts have built-in briefs, but they are not long enough or tight enough for my liking. I can only wear them on shorter runs – anything longer and there’s chafing. This skort actually has shorts that are long and it has the rubbery stuff around the leg so it won’t ride up. Unfortunately the material is kind of heavy, but at least there is no cotton in it. I can’t wait to try it.

I know some people laugh at running skorts, and I did too before I tried them. It’s the only way I can wear spandex shorts without feeling too exposed. The dangerous thing I found out about Athleta is that they carry some petite sizes and they do free hemming. This is excellent news for a person who is elf-sized. I almost never wear long pants to exercise because they are way too long, and this is the first time I’ve heard of an activewear brand making petite sizes. Note to self: You will not spend $60 on workout pants. You will not spend $60 on workout pants.

The other awesome score today was this cute cute jacket from the activewear section at Macy’s. It’s their Ideology brand, which is like the club girl’s workout clothes. It was only $11 and I can wear it as a normal jacket/top with jeans.

Ideology jacket from Macy's

image source: Macy’s

I went shopping for work pants, and all I could find was workout clothes.


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