Blackstone Boulevard Free 5k

Tonight I did something different: Ran a 5k race! In the evening! In the middle of the work week!

Our local running store, Rhode Runner, partnered with Run with Ro (a ladies’ running group) to offer a free 5k run – timed, measured, and marked. It was along Blackstone Boulevard here in Providence – a very popular walking and jogging path, and a route that I run often.

Blackstone boulevard, Providence

I came home from work, threw some chicken in the crockpot, ate some chia pudding (for energy) and chips & salsa (just because), and laced up my shoes.

There was a good turnout – maybe 50ish people. You could call it a tiny 5k race, or a really big group run. Since it was sponsored by the running store, this was a FAST group. There were even FOUR former Olympians there watching; thankfully not running. I knew I wasn’t going to PR since it was an evening race and I had been up since 4:30 am (more on that later) but I did not expect to flatten out 3 minutes into the race.

Yes, right about when my timer went off for my walk break, I tripped over a rock fell flat on the ground. It’s a dirt and gravel path, so it hurt. Look at my knees: how does that much dirt get ground through my pants?


It doesn’t look like much, but my hand was throbbing the whole way and it still is. I wasn’t sure how bad it was in that moment, so I briefly wondered whether I should stop. I also didn’t know if my knee was bleeding (it wasn’t). So the whole rest of the run, I’m imagining the infection growing. I also imagined how your blood pumps harder when you are exercising and wondered if blood would squirt out. I knew none of it was true, but it kept my mind occupied. Well, the infection part could still be true because my hand looks worse now even after I washed it. Anyway, I’m a baby.

I finished in 37:28. Not my best but decent considering all of the factors. I got a consolation prize though. I won the first raffle prize: a FuelBelt (one of the sponsors) and a pack of yoga mat wipes. Actually, that was my dude’s raffle ticket that won, but I was holding the tickets so I say I provided the karma.

my Fuelbelt prize

My sis pointed out that I do not need either of these things.

This run was a fun way to mix up the week, so I’m glad I did it. I needed the boost.

Weight Loss Update

This run was actually my 2nd (third?) workout today! After the heavy eating I did in NYC & Puerto Rico kind of triggered an unhealthy spiral, and then I ate a burger, pizza, and leftover pizza this weekend. As a result of these past 2-3 weeks, I suddenly gained 5 lbs. Yikes. I weighed myself before Puerto Rico, and I was my normal weight. Then one week later, it was up 5. I am so mad at myself. This is the heaviest I’ve been in at least 6 months. Even my vanity vacation weight has not been this high.

I’m really mad at myself for not staying on track. At the same time, I’m now hungry all the time and craving unhealthy food! I thought I had things down, and now I don’t.

Today I woke up super early and did a workout video (the Total Body Conditioning segment from T25). Then I walked a mile to work, did 70 push-ups during our office exercise club, walked a mile home, and ran the 5k. I do not normally do that much, but this is desperate times. This week is the first time I’m trying out exercising in the morning before work. Time-wise it’s tough because I have to be at work at 7, so I have to wake up at 4:30!  It takes me a good half hour to wake up and get my joints loose, which leaves only a half hour to work out, so that I have enough time to get dressed.  It’s hard to get going, but I like how it feels.

I’m going away again this weekend. I have to try really hard to eat healthy, especially since Chicago has such awesome food.


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