How to Exercise in the Office

Sometime last year, some coworkers decided to start meeting up during mid-mornings, three days a week, to do some strength exercises. We started with the 100 push-ups challenge and now we just do whatever. I call it Ladies’ Push-ups Club, though we have ocassionaly have 1 or 2 men join us. We were starting to get into a rut, so I tried to make a list of exercises that would be appropriate for morning coffee breaks. There are the parameters:

  • 10 minute time limit
  • gets you out of breath but not too sweaty
  • can do it in your office dress clothes, even a dress

Here are the exercises I could think of:

I got to make the day’s workout and lead the group. This was my first time ever leading an exercise group of any kind so it was a neat experience. This is what we did:

Round 1:
10 pushups
10 situps
10 tricep dips using chaprs
20 squats

rest 1 min

Round 2:
12 pushups
12 situps
12 tricep dips
25 squats

That’s it! It’s over in a snap. Just enough to get your heart heart rate up but not quite enough to sweat, however beginners might even be a little sore.

I need more arm ideas. Leave a comment if you think of any other moves that can fit the bill.


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