Canning tomatoes

Today I canned around 15 lbs of tomatoes and I’m exhausted!

I turned this:

crates of tomatoes

Before: 20 lbs of tomatoes

Into this:


After: crushed tomatoes and sauce

Each crate was $10 and held 10 lbs of tomatoes. Out of that, I got 4 quarts and 5 pints. They were cheap because they were ugly, imperfect tomatoes. The best ones went into the jars. Some of them were sketchy, so I chopped those up and boiled the hell out of them with garlic, onions, basil, and parmesan rind. That’s what’s in the green containers and they will go in the freezer or be used later this week.¬†Unfortunately, about 3 lbs of that I just ended up throwing out because they looking reeeeally moldy. I also had some leftover tomato juice which I strained and my mister used it to make a bloody mary. I don’t like bloody marys but the fresh tomato juice tastes way better than the thick salty tomato juice.

This is my third year putting up tomatoes. I try to ration the jars out throughout the winter until the spring vegetables come in. I love seeing my kitchen shelves full of canning jars.

I have been really behind on preserving vegetables this summer. Usually, we end up with more CSA veggies than we can eat, and I had to spend weeknight evenings blanching and freezing things. Sadly I have let a lot of vegetables go bad this summer but I’m pledging to clean up my act starting now. It’s a little late, but it’s never too late.

Tip: Using Parmesan Rinds

When you get to the end of your chunk of parmesan and are left with a piece of rind, throw that into the pot when you are making spaghetti sauce. It will make it smell and taste delicious. Such a little thing with a piece of “trash” that makes a huge difference. I just put my rind in a ziplock and freeze it until I’m ready to make sauce.

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