I joined a running club / New Gear sorta

After thinking about it for months, I finally signed up for a running club. A part of me wanted to join an official club so that I could get some advice and push myself a little bit more, but I was held back because I thought I’d be the weird fat slow one with my 12 min mile. There are actually a few to choose from here in Rhode Island but I went with the one organized by our local running store because it means I get 15% off every purchase. Girls & priorities amirite?

Along with my membership fee, I got this sweet singlet. It’s like I’m on a team with matching shirts and everything.

running club tank

For some reason, a tank top for running is always called a “singlet”. I dunno.

We were at the shop because my husband was getting new sneakers. I still have a couple of months left in my current shoes, and I already have another pair waiting for me. I paid over $100 for them. Last month, an online store had a flash sale and they were $40 so I scooped them up knowing that I’d need them eventually.

I did pick up some new fuel options at the shop though. We’re getting into the longer runs and I want to try some less-toxic running fuel. Last year’s routine was almost always was Clif Shot Blocks or Sport Beans + Gatorade and I feel weird about having so many chemicals even if it is just once a week. At least these brands have natural sugar sources and the Nuun has much less crap in it than Gatorade. The tablets are a little more convenient for when I don’t have coconut water. Someday I want to try making my own chews.

not exactly food

mmm sugar

I haven’t had very many New Gear posts to report lately. I haven’t been buying as much athletic gear because I’ve spent so much $$$ traveling, and workout gear tends to not be on sale during the summer. I feel like I was buying a lot over the winter & early spring. By the end of last winter, I had this many tank tops that I had grabbed from clearance racks and it killed me that I had to wait many more months to wear them:


these were all less than $10 each

End of summer/end of fiscal year clearance sales are upon us though, so more gear will definitely be in your future.


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