Farmshare Week 12

We got a great big haul this week! The stuff included in our share is on the right. The left side is extras that we bought.


Included in share was:

  • lettuce mix
  • a miniature watermelon!
  • broccoli
  • basil
  • various peppers
  • white eggplant
  • carrots
  • pattypan squash

We bought eggs and mutton from the farmer. I am not a big fan of lamb, never eaten mutton (I think) and we definitely have never tried to cook either one ourselves. We were feeling brave, so we got a tiny piece (less than a pound) of a mutton chop. Then we picked up bread from the bakery. And that little mason jar is some sweet & spicy pepper jelly that my friend gave me.

The meals this week were sparse since I was away for 3 nights, and we ate out the night before & after my trip.

Look at this fun color of the jelly:

goat cheese crostini

a snack of bread, fresh goat cheese, and pepper jelly

For my first dinner back, I was still feeling lazy so I threw together a quick pasta primarvera type thing. I mixed up patty pan squash, red & yellow peppers, eggplant (the mushroom-looking things), tomatoes, onions, and a little crumble of goat cheese over pasta.


Still needing to use up veggies, I made a casserole using all of the pattypan squash, the green tomatoes from last week, and a bit of leftover goat cheese. It was tasty but we needed to eat like the entire casserole pan to fill up. It would be good as a side dish with chicken, or topped with a couple of fried eggs. The recipe was based on this by Cajun Chef Ryan.

squash casserole

pattypan squash and green tomato casserole

Using the mutton chops, my husband made this Mario Batali recipe: Ragu Strengozze. He’s the best. I didn’t make the pasta because as he cooked, I squeezed in a 4 mi run.

mutton pasta

ragu strengozze by Mario Batali; mutton ragu with whole grain spaghetti

It was delicious and simple, but still considered a splurge meal. I like the fact that it only used a small amount of mutton, however he substituted butter for the pork fat, and the mutton itself was very fatty despite trimming it as best he could. I actually enjoyed this dish, mutton and all. The meat actually tasted milder than when I’ve had lamb in Indian foods, or when I’ve had lamb roast with my in-laws.

Too much pasta this week; add that to my ridiculous eating in Puerto Rico and I’m gonna be paying the price on the scale. I have upped my running this week so I hope it evens out by next week. I also think my iron levels may be low because I’ve had a tiredness that I just can’t shake and I felt a migraine coming on today.

I came home to a happy surprise: my first potato from my garden! A few months ago, I was buying some potatoes at one of my regular farmer’s market stops. Noticing some of them had roots sprouting, I asked the guy about whether I could plant them in a container. He shrugged and told me to try it, and then gave some sprouting baby potatoes for free. I put them in one of those orange 5-gallon buckets from home depot and it’s growing away.

I was worried about that vine turning yellow so I looked it up. It turns out that when the plant turns from dark green to yellow & withered looking, the potatoes underneath are ready! I pulled it up right away.


So cute! I just need a couple more so that I can make the best tortilla espanola ever.

I am SO looking forward to spending this weekend at home, and not working.


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