Airplane Snacks Ideas

I love picnics and packing snacks for the airplane is kind of like getting a mini picnic ready. I had a 4+ hour direct flight to Puerto Rico; plus tack on a few hours to each end for travel & sitting around, so I packed plenty of snacks.
For my in-flight meal, I just chopped up avocado & chicken dressed with lime & sriracha.

For other snacks, I’ve got almonds, dates, peanut butter, a couple of bars, chocolate, and candied ginger. Bonus: the ginger should help with motion sickness. I meant to make carrot sticks for the peanut butter but I didn’t have time so I don’t know what I’ll eat it with now. I stuffed everything into a spare Tom’s sack.


These are the healthiest snacks I’ve ever packed for a trip. I’m kind of impressed! I’m slowly getting better at being prepared for things; and it’s my last chance to eat healthy before I’m stuffed with plantains & chicharron for dayyys so I’m makin it count šŸ™‚

I’m not eating all of that in one day. I’ll have extra emergency munchies but I’m hoping I won’t need them because I will be eating delicious street food.
The ride home will trickier, but it’s split up into two 3-hour flights and a long layover. I’ll have to rely on airport food. The snack boxes for sale on board actually sound really good.

I’ve eaten Puerto Rican food many times but I’ve never seen any vegetables except the occasional iceberg salad. I’ve usually gone to the places where you just point to what you want and there is never a vegetable in sight. Plantain & yucca don’t count. Can anyone more experienced tell me if Puerto Ricans eat vegetables? Hah. I’m only half kidding. I need a real testimonial please!


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