Treat Week

July was emotionally tough. I had to take care of a tough issue for my mother, which was very stressful and resulted in at least one meltdown. I had family visit twice, which was lovely but taxing. My buddy got a better job and moved away. I’m sad he’s gone but it also brought up insecurities about where my own career is headed. I had some other job-related stresses. My face was looking a mess. My exercise blues had me feeling low, so I didn’t even have that as an outlet.

This week has officially become Treat Week and I feel great already.


I know, Treat Yo Self day is supposed to be one day, but that’s not how I roll. My birthday becomes birthweek or birth-month; therefore Treat Yo Self Day becomes Treat Week.

It started with my ridiculously cheap but through manicure, pedicure, and eyebrow threading while in New York. And then all of the good food. And then the shopping.

I also spent an evening at a really fancy spa – Elemis Spa at Mohegan Sun. I ran 5 miles on the treadmill at their fitness center, then got a massage and body scrub.

One of the things I love to do is use the day spas at hotels. Usually at places like the Vegas hotels, you pay around $15-$30 and you get to use the pool, sauna, jacuzzi, gym, steam room, etc without shelling out hundreds of dollars for other services. Travelzoo had a voucher for services at the Elemis Spa, so my cheap ass finally got to be a guest for once. I chose the Swedish massage with lime-ginger salt scrub to get my skin ready for the beach.

The treatment started with the masseuse dry-brushing my skin. I’ve heard a lot of dry-brushing and this is the first time I’ve had it done. It was odd, but not bad. Interestingly, she brushed upwards on my legs but downwards on my arms. I thought you were always supposed to brush towards your heart? I asked her why and she didn’t know.

Next she scrubbed me down with the ginger salt scrub. I was happy that the scent of the scrub was actually very light, and not strong or artificial. It was definitely acceptable for both genders. FYI, I showered and shaved my legs right before the treatment because I figured it was the polite thing to do. I do not recommend shaving your legs right before getting a salt scrub. It wasn’t too painful, but lesson learned for next time. After the scrub, I rinsed in the shower. There was a shower stall right in the massage room and she re-prepped the bed as I showered. Handy!

After the rinse, my skin was feeling baby soft. Then it was massage time. The few other times I’ve gotten massages, I have chosen the deep tissue or sports massages because I was sore from working out. I don’t know why I chose Swedish this time. Probably because I haven’t been exercising. I feel like Swedish massage is just pointless rubbing. It relaxes you mentally, but it doesn’t work your muscles at all. Hah, I’m so utilitarian. See what I mean about never being able to relax? My masseuse certainly did her job though; it felt much longer than the 50 minutes I was alotted, and I wanted to nap aftewards. I guess, then, that is the purpose of the Swedish relaxation massage.

I feel glorious! Sweating it out and getting a massage afterwards feels amazing. It’s like my engine is running much cleaner. On the outside, my skin feels amazing from the exfoliating and the massage oils.  I normally don’t do all of this stuff, and certainly not all at once like this. Even when I have a day off and am “relaxing” I still have to be doing something. But this forced relaxation might have to become a thing for me in some form or another. I hope this doesn’t become a terrible crack-like addiction. Maybe it’ll be cheaper for me if I just force my husband into massage therapy school.

Oh and the rest of the plan for Treat Week is a little something called a long weekend in Puerto Rico!

pedicure toes


3 thoughts on “Treat Week

  1. Good luck to you! It’s good that you treated yourself. I’m glad that you mentioned not shaving when you are getting a salt rub down. OUCH! Haha. I have never been to a real massage before and will definitely go, now that you mention I can go to a fancy hotel and not have a room there! Haha.

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