New skincare routine

Some time around June, my face started on a slow downward spiral. It wasn’t too obvious to outsider (I think) as you could see that I’ve posted pictures of myself since then, but it was noticeable to me. You can’t see it much in my photos because it was more small bumps & clogged pores rather than big cystic acne. Then around the middle of July it started getting really bad, to the point that I was considering seeing a dermatologist and I was prepared for whatever stuff s/he would prescribe me. My mother even said to me, “I haven’t seen it look this bad since high school.” I couldn’t find good photo evidence because as I said, it was more small bumps, but I will be very brave here and try to show you one:


Even though that’s a low-res front camera photo, you can see some of the bumpiness.

I decided to really attack the problem and make changes. Things that did not work: washing makeup brushes every day, Neutrogena On The Spot acne treatment, Burt’s Bees Acne Solutions spot treatment. Then I hit on some things that did work and suddenly this week, the clouds lifted. I believe that my skin has never looked this good. For real, dude. Sorry if this whole post comes across as vain, but I was getting really self conscious about my breakouts and am now so amazed at the improvement.

I’ll share with you the changes I made, but since I did all of this at the same time I’m not sure which one change was the most important factor.

1. Started using eye cream. I had never used eye cream before but after I saw this picture, I had it on my mind. I am using Ava Anderson at night and Obagi Nu Derm (not a green brand) during the day. Since it’s only been about 3 weeks, I can’t say much about wrinkles, but just the fact that I am moisturizing has made the area under my eyes look better.

2. Stopped drinking protein shake. Since I’m kind of a hippie, I figured something in my diet must be contributing to the problem. I racked my brain trying to figure it out and then it dawned on me that I started breaking out around the same time that I started drinking GNC Lean Shake for breakfast every morning. I know, this processed shake does not fit into my eat-mostly-whole-foods advocacy but it was one of my concessions. I’ll get into that another time. I had never heard of protein shakes causing acne but sure enough, I typed it into google and found a lot of testimonials. A lot of people even said it was mainly in their chin area, which was exactly my biggest problem.

3. Replaced protein shake with a daily green smoothie. I was drinking these once a week or so, but for the past 3 weeks I’ve had one nearly every day. My usual recipe is two cups of raw leafy greens, one piece of fruit (a whole apple or banana), and a cup of coconut milk, all blended up into a shake. This is different than a juice because I’m eating the whole thing, fiber and all. I believe this is one of the greatest factors for how healthy my skin looks now but that’s just a wild guess.

4. Started using Yes to Grapefruit CC cream. I’m not saying this is a miracle product yet; it may be a coincidence that I started using this around the same time as I made all of the other changes. I now wear this every day as my day moisturizer. It has vitamin C in it, which speeds up cell turnover. I think my freckles and hyperpigmentation are lighter and it could be from this product.

As I said, it seems like this week in particular is when I suddenly noticed the difference. Not only is my skin blemish-free and smooth, it just seems to look healthy from the inside. Dare I say, radiant. At first I wasn’t sure if it was just a placebo effect, but it has been confirmed by the following sources:

  • a young buck 25 year old chica found out that I am 29, and stated “I never would have guessed! You have great skin for being almost 30!” (kids! amirite?)
  • out of the blue my friend said that my skin looked really nice and glowy
  • a photographer snapped this picture of me:


Need I say more? Blown up to to full size, I confirmed that my face does indeed look normal again.

Maybe some of these tricks will work for you. Let’s hope I didn’t jinx this by talking about it.


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