Up and Downs

I have a confession: I’ve barely exercised over the past 4 weeks and I feel totally guilty about it. After the July 3rd race, I wanted to take a week off of running because of my numb toe. But after that week, “life” got in the way. I wasn’t running and then I stopped going to kickboxing because I was embarassed about not losing any weight. This weekend I binged hard and now my guilt is magnified x 3. There was more than one time in the past few days that I ate until I was uncomfortably full, which I hadn’t done for a long time. I want to be honest because I know that when I read other peoples weight loss/fitness blogs I sometimes feel inferior after seeing their incredible discipline. I feel relief when I find someone who actually up & down struggles rather than sunshine & pinterest-worthy-perfection every single day.

I wasn’t feeling guilty about food at all until this binge. Some guilt is good to kick my butt into gear, but sometimes I wonder if it’s unhealthy (ironically) to feel such anxiety and guilt and this kinda stuff.

Fit & Feminist recently relayed some advice that I will paraphrase:
– Give yourself credit for the things you did right,
– Consider what you could have done better,
– Move on.

This advice is similar to a technique we used to do in AmeriCorps. At the end of every meeting, we’d gather in a circle and do the “plus/delta” activity – a list of “plus” and a list of “delta”, delta symbolizing change or differential. The idea is that if you ask people for “cons” or “negatives” you might say things like, “The weather sucked,” or other things that you have no control over. Whereas asking people for a delta suggests that you should think about things that we can change. The end result is constructive feedback without being overshadowed by negatives. I didn’t consider the fact that I can use this in my personal development too. This advice is a good compliment to the sorrynotsorry attitude I’m trying to adopt.

Every day is a new day, and another chance to do something good. Yesterday even though I overate all day long at a BBQ, I started the day by waking up at 7am with a green vegetable smoothie and biked 10 miles. Today I started off with a vegetable smoothie and walking to work, so let’s hope I don’t screw it up again.


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