Farmshare Week 9 – Huge camping food roundup

Week 9 pickup, almost the same as last week:
CSA week 9

  • beets
  • mesclun mix
  • braising greens
  • tomatillos
  • basil
  • cucumbers (that yellow thing is some kind of cucumber)
  • pattypan squash

We used a good amount of last week’s vegetables at the campground.

The night before we left, I made burritos because I was making the breakfast burritos at the same time. Forgot to take a picture of the egg burritos but they were yummy.

bean, peppers, tomatillo burrito

Side note: Usually, tortillas & wraps are kind of nutritional duds, but these surprised me. Huge size, and only 100 Cal, 7g fiber, 6g net carbs, and some protein.  I got a huge pack at Costco.

Get ready for a longer-than-usual meal recap because I had to do all of the campsite cooking.

After arriving at the campsite, I did as much cooking like this as I could:
campfire cooking

I had never cooked over a fire before but we’re all still alive. My first campsite dinner was a homemade burger, salad, corn, roasted red peppers.
campfire meal

Obviously s’mores came next.


Second dinner was kielbasa, grilled squash, and more corn with red peppers.

campfire dinner

On our last night, it started to rain just as dinner was getting started on the grill. I had to cook on a single propane burner thing we brought as backup, and on tiny pots that are meant for 1-2 people. We kinda had to eat in courses. Dinner was a smorgasboard – leftover kielbasa, mushrooms, peppers, carrots, avocado. campfire dinner

Even though we didn’t have a campfire, I still found a way to bake up these banana boat things on the propane stove. I’m glad I saved it for our crappy night! All you do is split a banana and stuff it with leftover s’mores ingredients – a marshmallow, a square of chocolate, and crumbled graham crackers. Wrap it up in foil and let it bake. It’s not as unhealthy as it sounds either, as one banana only held one s’mores worth of filling.

On our last morning, it was still raining so breakfast had to cooked on the burner again. I took crescent rolls, and had my niece sprinkle cinnamon & sugar inside before rolling them up.
Campfire Biscuits

The burner doesn’t cook very evenly but hey, “burnt sugar” is legitimately a flavor in some ice cream shops.

In the mornings I was drinking instant Starbucks Via but I spotted this in a store and decided I’d give it a try since I was on vacation. It’s an espresso shot with coconut water and milk.

Coco Cafe latte made with coconut water

It didn’t taste as weird as I thought it would. Just kinda tasted like adding coconut milk to a mocha. It was less sweet than bottled Frappucino.

I ate a couple of yummy restaurant meals too.

Ribs, kale coleslaw, and fries at the Long Trail Brewery. Their food was bomb.

lunch at Long Trail Brewery

When we took the roller coast ride at the ski resort, I had to stop at the Waffle Cabin. I hate the idea of skiing, but you might get me to a mountain if it has one of these waffle cabins.


If you have never had one of these Dutch waffles, I am very sorry for you. They are yeast-raised, and studded with bits of rock sugar, which melts and forms a caramel crust all over the waffle.

Then on the way home I had some chili and a salad at the Harpoon Brewery.lunch at harpoon brewery

Don’t be fooled by this healthy lunch. I was saving room for this specialty: it’s called a maple creemee.
maple creemee

Every individual shop has their own secret recipe, but from my research it seems that they start with vanilla soft serve base and doctor it up with things like real cream, vanilla, and maple syrup. The result is really rich; it has the mouthfeel of a premium high fat ice cream, and the maple flavor is LEGIT. It is not the fake maple syrup flavor.  Move over poutine, I think I have a new Vermont food obsession.

Interestingly, I think my meals ended up really balanced. I might not be eating for weight loss, but the fact that I can be satisfied with my regular meals while also eating ice cream, waffles, and some dessert? I consider that a huge accomplishment. Actually I was down a half pound when I came home.

Per usual, my souvenirs from the trip were food related. Vodka, maple syrup, honey, and a seasonal cookbook. Not pictured is the Cabot Clothbound Cheddar Cheese in my fridge.

trip souvenirs

I’m always getting edible stuff, but other people prefer jewelry, t-shirts, trinkets, art… What types of souvenirs do you like to buy on vacation?


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