New Gear: Athleta skort and Ideology jacket

Athleta finally made it to my little state, and I just went for the first time. Oh man, can I please just live in those clothes? You can sign me up to me an obnoxious yoga mom pushing a baby jogger stroller holding an iced coffee. I can get down with the sexy yoga clothes all day erryday. I don’t even do yoga but those outfits make me wanna do yoga.

The store has finally been open long enough for things to go on clearance, so I took a look. I can barely afford even their sale prices! I was able to score the Airbrush Relay Skort (a running skort) for only $20.

Athleta skort

image: Athleta

I have two other running skirts, from Target and a Nike sample sale. Both cost around $15. The original price on this skort was $64! Price is not always an indicator, but as soon as I put this on, I knew it was different. My cheaper skorts have built-in briefs, but they are not long enough or tight enough for my liking. I can only wear them on shorter runs – anything longer and there’s chafing. This skort actually has shorts that are long and it has the rubbery stuff around the leg so it won’t ride up. Unfortunately the material is kind of heavy, but at least there is no cotton in it. I can’t wait to try it.

I know some people laugh at running skorts, and I did too before I tried them. It’s the only way I can wear spandex shorts without feeling too exposed. The dangerous thing I found out about Athleta is that they carry some petite sizes and they do free hemming. This is excellent news for a person who is elf-sized. I almost never wear long pants to exercise because they are way too long, and this is the first time I’ve heard of an activewear brand making petite sizes. Note to self: You will not spend $60 on workout pants. You will not spend $60 on workout pants.

The other awesome score today was this cute cute jacket from the activewear section at Macy’s. It’s their Ideology brand, which is like the club girl’s workout clothes. It was only $11 and I can wear it as a normal jacket/top with jeans.

Ideology jacket from Macy's

image source: Macy’s

I went shopping for work pants, and all I could find was workout clothes.


Blackstone Boulevard Free 5k

Tonight I did something different: Ran a 5k race! In the evening! In the middle of the work week!

Our local running store, Rhode Runner, partnered with Run with Ro (a ladies’ running group) to offer a free 5k run – timed, measured, and marked. It was along Blackstone Boulevard here in Providence – a very popular walking and jogging path, and a route that I run often.

Blackstone boulevard, Providence

I came home from work, threw some chicken in the crockpot, ate some chia pudding (for energy) and chips & salsa (just because), and laced up my shoes.

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How to Exercise in the Office

Sometime last year, some coworkers decided to start meeting up during mid-mornings, three days a week, to do some strength exercises. We started with the 100 push-ups challenge and now we just do whatever. I call it Ladies’ Push-ups Club, though we have ocassionaly have 1 or 2 men join us. We were starting to get into a rut, so I tried to make a list of exercises that would be appropriate for morning coffee breaks. There are the parameters:

  • 10 minute time limit
  • gets you out of breath but not too sweaty
  • can do it in your office dress clothes, even a dress

Here are the exercises I could think of:

I got to make the day’s workout and lead the group. This was my first time ever leading an exercise group of any kind so it was a neat experience. This is what we did:

Round 1:
10 pushups
10 situps
10 tricep dips using chaprs
20 squats

rest 1 min

Round 2:
12 pushups
12 situps
12 tricep dips
25 squats

That’s it! It’s over in a snap. Just enough to get your heart heart rate up but not quite enough to sweat, however beginners might even be a little sore.

I need more arm ideas. Leave a comment if you think of any other moves that can fit the bill.

Weekend Update

I was so looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home. I love going on weekend trips and I am grateful that I can, but it also makes staying home that much more special. True to form though, even my “relaxing” weekends at home can be a little hectic. Awesome, but tiring.

Saturday morning, I woke up early and started the dough to make mallorcas. I also started a crockpot of chili. Then we went to the farmer’s market to get my tomatoes. I also picked up a dozen oysters. So lucky to be able to buy a dozen oysters for $10. I don’t know what I’d do if I lived away from the coast.


Matunuck oyster farm

matunuck oysters

I shucked these myself.

I came home and finished baking off the dough, then had a fun lunch of raw oysters and pastries. I think this meal needed a mimosa.

Then I made a chili-cheese dip with my homemade chili and spent the next 8 hours at a friend’s housewarming party. I totally forgot that I had a long run planned the next morning and kind of freaked out when I remembered at 11pm. I had been drinking a bunch and I smoked a cigar. Eeek!


I don’t always smoke cigars, but when I do I also wear a fedora.

Somehow on Sunday morning I rolled out of bed at 9 (late!) and hit the jogging path. Luckily it wasn’t crazy hot today. I put in 6+ miles and I didn’t feel bad at all, especially considering what I did the day before. After the run, I showered and quickly went to work on the tomatoes, which took all day.

On Monday I somehow managed to do 1.5 workouts, work 9 hours, go to a Yelp event, and log 13,000 steps on the pedometer.

I’m really exhausted. I was already tired from lack of sleep during my work week and I even wore myself out during my weekend. I have a different, really deep tiredness that I’m not sure if it’s a health issue (iron) or I’m just not taking care of myself and making sleep a priority. Maybe the latter. I need to figure something out. In the meantime, let me know if you have ideas. Even if your idea is “stop doing all of that shit,” you can still tell me.