Camping weekend

My camping weekend was exactly what I needed after a stressful month. I was up in Killington, VT – my first time in the area, and 3 nights was my longest camping trip yet.

On our first full day, we did some hiking on the Appalachian Trail! The sights were gorgeous. It was definitely the most lush forest and most scenic hike I had ever seen.

Appalachian Trail - Vermont

We started at the top of this waterfall and trekked down along the side. It was tough but worth it.

waterfall on Appalachian Trail

More pictures and sights…

Appalachian Trail hiking - Vermont

Appalachian trail hiking - follow the white markers

Munchkin was a champ and walked the whole way. She loved her “walking stick” and I think it’s cute that she’s still that age where she’s into collecting sticks.

Appalachian trail hiking

Kent Pond

Kent Pond

According to the map, it was a 3.5 mile loop but it took over 3 hours. Of course, most of that was due to our 4 yr old niece with little legs. Even so, it felt long. In the end, I burned almost 900 calories! Awesome.

calories burned

We also took a gondola ride up Killington Peak. I didn’t know this but there are trails at up there too. Here I am looking uncomfortable, terrified (with unwashed camping hair) trying not to fall off the edge of the world:

Killington peak

Next time we will try hiking down the mountain.

In between all of that nature, we also took in some local sights.

Visited Silo Vodka distillery:
Silo Vodka

Being totally honest here, and I don’t think it’s just vacation-brain – Silo Vodka might be the best vodka I ever tasted. Unfortunately they have only been open a couple of months, so you can only get it in Vermont and maybe upstate NY. I also visited the Harpoon Brewery which is just across the parking lot from Silo, but I didn’t take any pictures there.

Finally got to see & walk across a covered bridge

Covered bridge in Woodstock, VT

And of course, paid a visit to the Long Trail Brewery (ahem, twice)Long Trail Brewery tour

There wasn’t a tour but you could go up to a balcony thing and look over onto the brewing floor and read about how beer is made – aka the same info you get at every other brewery tour. I had a sampler flight, and one of the special beers as a lemon pepper pilsner. Another exclusive one was rich cask aged beer – love the taste of those super aged beers.LT1

The food was fantastic and the scenery is also gorgeous. It is located right next to a river/stream:Long Trail Brewery

So that was my crunchy weekend in beautiful Vermont! I think that fresh air did me good, and I’m ready for the rest of my summer. I love living in the middle of the city, but I wouldn’t mind a cabin or vacation nook in the sticks. Next time I’ll show you my camping food in my weekly cooking recap.


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