Camping Menu

I am off camping this weekend! We are arriving Friday night, leaving Monday. This is my menu so far, cooking for 4 adults & 1 kid.

Breakfasts: bagels (hopefully imported from NY), egg burritos, campfire “donuts” (biscuits on a stick rolled in cinnamon sugar)

Lunch: sandwiches on leftover hamburger buns, ?

Dinners: burgers w/ sauteed corn & tomatoes, kielbasa and zucchini, ?

Snacks: carrot sticks & almond butter, Luna bars. My sis is in charge of the snacks & the most important thing: s’mores.

I left one dinner and one lunch open that we can eat out but I also prepped extra food so we could also do a “leftovers” meal for one of them.

Things I prepped ahead: fresh burgers, corn side dish, breakfast burritos (frozen), mix cinnamon & sugar, chop carrot sticks, freeze water in jars for ice/drinking.

All of this prepping and packing all of the gear was exhausting! I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to go camping after all of that work. I still have to work 6 am – noon Friday too.

cold vermont summer

Camping last year in Vermont: wool sweater, hat, gloves, and rain jacket. It was June! Also, at this moment I hadn’t even considered that I’d be coming back in 7 weeks to get married. /shrug

I planned the camping trip not realizing that Monday is my one year wedding anniversary. But it’s fine, we’re low key; we eloped in Vermont and the Harpoon Brewery was one of our favorite stops during Wedding Weekend so we can visit again on the way home. I could have made fancy plans for an anniversary dinner on Monday night but I didn’t want us to have the pressure of having to drive home to Rhode Island, unpack, change into fancy clothes, etc. Just like our wedding, we’ll just go by whatever we feel like doing at that moment.


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