Doctor’s advice for fighting wrinkles

I saw my cousin the other day who is a nurse practitioner* at a dermatology & cosmetic surgery practice. I curiously asked her: what’s the wrinkle cure of the moment? I expected her to say whatever new chemical or research flavor of the month, but her response was both surprising and not surprising at all:

1. Sunscreen – the no brainer, most sure fire way to fight wrinkles.

And the surprising answer…

2. Vitamin C – Not a newfangled high tech lab creation. She says that based on her experience and the literature she is familiar with, products with vitamin C are dependable when it comes to stimulating cell growth.

I am starting to notice my fine lines & wrinkles more so I will continue using SPF makeup daily but also look for some serums with vitamin C. If you are wondering what products she recommends most: it’s Obagi. I have heard its an old school brand that has been around a long time but that’s what the office swears by.

*aka she not only treats patients, she writes them prescriptions for the things she recommends


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