Farmshare Week 7

Week 7 pickup:


This week we have:

  • cucumbers
  • 3 tomatillos (?)
  • yellow zucchini
  • radishes
  • purslane
  • salad greens
  • kale
  • basil

Because I’m out of town almost every weekend, I’ve been having a harder time eating all of the vegetables than in years past. I had to throw out some braising greens that went bad.

Here is what I cooked last week:

fava bean risotti

Fava bean risotto, salad


coconut lime mussels, bread, salad not shown

risotti cakes

chicken, leftover risotto turned into risotto cakes for him

cauliflower rice

fried “cauliflower rice” with bacon and cilantro for me

More about the “cauliflower rice” – I eat tons of it. First, make the “rice” by cutting up a cauliflower and pulsing it into the food processor (raw) in batches. Then use that as the rice in this recipe for Bacon Cilantro Fried Rice. If you are eating this as a low-carb meal, you probably want to bulk up the amount of calories and protein. You can add in leftover chicken or just more eggs. My favorite lazy thing is instead of scrambling the eggs at the beginning, just fry up 2 eggs on the side for each serving.

Side story: Cake Boss was in town promoting his new line of cakes at BJ’s. So I got a free cake. And in case you were wondering, that little cake is officially 16 servings. This is what 1/16 of that cake looks like:



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