Eggs to Go


Here is an almost instant portable snack to bring to the office:
1. Squirt a little olive oil in a mason jar.
2. Crack 2 eggs. Add salt & pepper.
3. Close it up, toss it in your lunch bag. Go to work. Make yourself walk up a few flights of stairs to shake up the eggs. (I walk to work and the eggs are scrambled by the time I get to my desk.)
4. Take the cover off! Microwave 30 seconds at a time. You will probably need 2 – 3 rounds for total of less than 90 secs.

I love eggs and I think this is even easier than hard boiled. If you have more time, you can get a slightly larger jar and add fixings. Some ideas: milk, salsa, cheese, chopped veggies or meat leftover from dinner.

Let me know if you try it


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