Race photos that don’t suck

Usually I dread looking at race photos. I always look horrendous, as most people should when they’re working hard right? Of course, I still look just in case there is the one time I might look decent. Plus by looking at those pictures I have learned about my bad habits – bad posture, too much arm twisting, heel striking, – so that I can improve. It also tells me what not to wear.

It doesn’t help that since the photographers are out there for a while, they are almost always sitting or crouching, which is not a flattering angle for anyone. Photographers know this, so they must do it just to mess with us.

We can’t all be this guy:

At the most recent race, I expected a record for horrible pictures because it was 85 degrees and I kept dumping water over my head and running through peoples’ hoses. There were still plenty of those gross ones but for the first time ever, I finally took some decent pictures:


This was my first time wearing the green tunic thing. Now I think it looks like an exercise muumuu, which should totally be a thing.

10k race photo

In my mind, I’m always like yeah I can midfoot strike. Not so much a reality.


I’m smiling because the photographer was waving at me, I swear

Maybe I will buy one and use it as my stock photo for every event.


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