Farmshare Week 6 & Best Tofu Recipe

Week 6 Pickup:


Top row: Purslane (a lot!), mint, fava beans, radishes
Next row: bok choy (?), beets, salad mix.

I have a question mark about the bok choy because it doesn’t look the bok choy I know. It seems like it would taste the same though. We still have braising greens and lettuce from last week. Last week, we only got a tiny bit of purslane. I had to look up what it is (healthy weeds) and I used it to garnish salads and put the remainder in my vegetable smoothie. This week there is 4x more of it than last week so we’ll see how I can figure out how to actually cook with it.

Keep reading to hear about THE BEST TOFU RECIPE –

When it comes to last week’s eats, I’m afraid I don’t have much to report. Because I was playing tour guide to guests, I ate dinner out every night from Tuesday through Sunday! By some miracle, I did not gain weight but I certainly did not lose either.

I made pitcher after pitcher of mint tea, and somehow I STILL can’t use up the mint. I think it is somehow reproducing in my fridge. Cold, lightly sweetened mint tea tastes like heaven on these ridiculously hot days.



I have been craving interesting non-leafy salads this week and it started with an amazing farro salad I had for dinner Sunday night. Restaurant description: Wild mushroom and farro salad with snow peas, carrots, pea tendrils, pecorino romano, and ramp vinaigrette. I usually not one of those lame skinny chicks that’s all “oooh salad” but this one hit the spot. However, I did eat it with a side of bacon-wrapped scallops.

Monday night detox dinner was a salad of quinoa, fava beans, mint, purslane, shaved manchego, and croutons. The manchego & stale bread were leftover from a cheese platter we made on Saturday – crafty right?CSAweek63

I made up that combo with what we had lying around but if you want a recipe, basically make this, stir in some quinoa, add a salad on the side dressed with lemon & olive oil. I also sauteed some of the tougher salad greens and mixed them in with the fava bean mixture. When I was thinking about what to make for dinner, started forming the idea of beans, lemon & mint in my head and then Bobby Flay had the exact same thing I was planning to make. It happens every time I think I made something up.

Tuesday night dinner was tofu with roasted red pepper & walnut sauce, salad of quinoa, roasted red pepper, mixed lettuce. CSAweek64

I don’t know why I decided to put that piece of frisee on top; it was in my way so I dropped it on top. I am anti-frisee. Wednesday we ate the tofu again, but with plain lettuce salad and rice.

This tofu recipe was one of the best tofu recipes I have ever made! The recipe was from Cooking Light. I think I will even go so far as to say it’s the best American tofu dish I’ve ever eaten. I always liked it when served in a Chinese or other Asian restaurant, but other preparations were always “eh” to me even though I eat it regularly. The deep marinade was finally good, and the sauce brings it to life. I made fresh roasted peppers, and used pecans instead of walnuts. It’s a relatively low fat, but luxurious tasting sauce that will work on so many things. I’m imagining it on pasta, chicken, or roasted vegetables. Or a pasta dish with all three. Hey, I think I’m on to something.

After three full days of eating clean and I finally feel like I’m back to “center”, but then I’m also trying to make room for Restaurant Week! This is my version of balance and I’m ok with that for now.


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