Harvard Pilgrim / Finish at the 50 10k – part 1 recap

Here is the first part of my recap of the Harvard Pilgrim Finish at the 50 race.

Day 1: Bib Pickup

View of Gillette Stadium

I went the day before the race to pick up my bib, which took up my whole evening. The stadium & mall area is a big complex. The packet pickup said it would be in front of the “Pro shop” but there are two pro shops in the complex one at the mall and one at the stadium itself. Also, I had to sift through a lot of information to even locate the fact that it was “in front of the pro shop”. There was e-mail titled Last-Minute Details” and that detail was not included at all. JUST WRITE THAT FRONT AND CENTER IN THE EMAIL INSTRUCTIONS.

I get to bib pickup and the lanes are arranged by bib number. I freaked out because I don’t remember being assigned a number. I stopped to search my email but come up empty. I asked one volunteer and he didn’t know, I asked another and was directed to a board off to the side which listed everyone’s names and corresponding bib number. Finally! This was the most complicated bib pickup ever.

The “Expo” was a snooze. I understand that usually short-distance races don’t have elaborate expos, but this event is expected to draw 10,000 participants. I’m surprised they didn’t get better vendors. If I had a business, I’d be on it. There were more vendors the day of the actual race though.

Harvard Pilgrom 10k at Gillette Stadium

This was my first time at the stadium, and I didn’t expect to be reminded of my dad so much. He loved football, and when I was in college I had always hoped that someday I could make enough $$ to bring my dad to a football game. As soon as I crested those stadium steps, I was overwhelmed by sadness.

After I got the bib & shirt, I did some shopping and then it was dinner time.

How cool is this: There is a wine bar/restaurant that has this tiny garden right outside their door, in the shadow of the stadium where they grow herbs and veggies for the restaurant. Everything was so compact; I was amazed at the efficient use of space. I want to steal it for my imaginary house.

tastings garden

Unfortunately it was a few days before payday so we just hung out at Bar Louie for the $1 burger happy hour to save some money.

turkey burger

I got the turkey burger, blue cheese, and buffalo sauce. I didn’t eat the bun but I sure as hell ate those tater tots. Um, race fuel right?

Then I booked it home and went straight to bed. I had to time my day so that I could get into work early, get out early, and make it to Foxboro/Foxborough for the race.


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