Update: Tasting the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich

I could not, in good conscience, write an article about the Dunkin’ Donuts Glazed Donut Sandwich without eating it myself. I dragged my Dunkin’ Addict friend in and made him eat it too. It’s less embarrassing if you don’t die alone.

dunkin donuts glazed donut egg sandwich

Let this be a lesson: eating crap food like this gives you crow’s feet. Can you get organic botox?

Here it is:actual photo of the dunkin donut sandwich

I was surprised that it looked fairly close to the publicity photo. I don’t know how they were able to cut the donut without smooshing it. It’s just egg (fake egg?), bacon, and donut. Did they forget the “black pepper” part? I see like, two specks of pepper there.
glazed donut sandwich at Dunkin Donuts

And then I proceeded to smoosh it all up when cutting it in half.

Here we go:

glazed donut sandwich at Dunkin Donuts

My thoughts: surprisingly, it was kind of bland. It would have been better if it were both sweeter and saltier – maybe Dunkin’ was holding back so that the nutrition didn’t become atom-bomb proportions? We both thought it would be better with sausage instead of bacon. My friend Josh thinks it would be better with a chocolate cake glazed donut and sausage. I don’t know about the chocolate part, but I can see why a cake donut would work better. Wait, I think I’m actually trying to turn this sandwich into a McGriddle. The McGriddle tastes way better; on the flip side it’s also wayyy more artery clogging.

Back to the DD sandwich: Josh said it wasn’t satisfying enough. Yeah, we split it in half but I agreed that even if you ate the whole thing, you would probably still think you were hungry. I wonder if that might be because the donut is all air. I can easily imagine an average dude being able to eat 2 of these.

Final verdict: No. It didn’t taste good enough for me to ever think to myself, “I’d eat that again.”

For the record, I can rarely pass up tasting weird food combinations, especially salty & sweet. Maybe that’s the Southeast Asian food influence on me. My friends and I tried the bacon-cheese-donut-burger. We were the weirdos who cut it into 4 pieces just to try a bite. [Sidenote: funny enough, 1/4 of that burger is kinda the same caloric content of a full donut egg sandwich] I thought the burger tasted really good, and that’s what made me want to try this donut sandwich. I would, in theory, eat that burger again but the donut egg sandwich just doesn’t do it for me. That’s better for me, I guess.


2 thoughts on “Update: Tasting the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich

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