How bad is Dunkin Donuts’ new Glazed Donut Sandwich?

Answer: not that bad.

Dunkin’ Donuts recently came out with a bacon, egg, and glazed donut sandwich. America collectively looked down their noses and faked disgust and then they probably ran out and bought one. You know you were curious! After wondering about the taste, the next thought on everyone’s minds is probably – OMG HEART ATTACK. Actually, not really.

glazed donut egg sandwich

The Glazed Donut Sandwich (photo: Dunkin’ Donuts)

I haven’t tasted it yet, but knowing the caloric content of a glazed donut, I knew it wasn’t as grossly artery clogging as it sounds, especially compared to other things on their menu. For the record though, I have tried the burger-on-a-glazed-donut thing at the fair, and I thought it was alright. So I looked up the nutrition facts and I wasn’t that horrified. If you are purely concerned about calories in vs calories out, a 360 calorie breakfast is fine. Sodium & fat not withstanding, it’s got fewer calories than a bagel with cream cheese or a muffin. Then I looked at how it compared to a few of the other menus and noticed that it’s really not much worse than most of the other stuff on their menu. In fact, most of their breakfast sandwiches are way worse – even a ham, egg, cheese on an english muffin is worse.

What surprised me most was comparing it the Turkey Sausage Breakfast Sandwich. You hear “turkey sausage” and you think “better for me.” It appears on the DD SMART menu, which is obviously marketed towards being more health conscious. The turkey sausage sandwich just barely beats the donut sandwich. Click on the image for the full picture.

dunkin donuts chart

Comparing the donut sandwich to the turkey sausage sandwich

In fact, the turkey sandwich is still pretty awful for you. The bottom line is, fast food is fast food. It’s all bad for you in the end; you don’t have to pretend that you’re too fancy for a donut sandwich. It actually doesn’t matter that much whether you think you’re making a better choice by going for any other sandwich.



2 thoughts on “How bad is Dunkin Donuts’ new Glazed Donut Sandwich?

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  2. I’m going to agree with you that the Turkey sandwich isn’t that great for you, but in comparison to the Donut sandwich, it’s still a much better choice because: 1) It’s slightly lower in fat; 2) It has more fiber; and 3) It’s got 10 more grams of protein than the donut sandwich. That being said, I’ll concede that the Turkey sandwich isn’t exactly the breakfast of champs.

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