Farmshare Week 4

Week 4 farm share haul:
week 4 CSA

More or less the same stuff. Top row: braising greens, mesclun greens. 2nd row: shelling peas, Portuguese fava beans, radishes, mint. I still have some garlic scapes and mint leftover from last week.

I have in mind fava beans with cheese tortellini, more brie & radishes, and pea risotto? I still need ideas for the mint. A girl can only drink so many whisky smashes.

Here are a few of the meals from last week:

week 4 eats

Wheat penne with mint pesto, peas, crushed pepper. Finally something that uses up that mint!

week 4 eats - yogurt

Homemade yogurt

week 4 - salmon burger

Salmon burger (store bought), sauteed garlic scapes & greens, topped with avocado & lemon

The salmon burgers were pre-made, on sale at Whole Foods. They weren’t that great, but I liked the avocado pairing. I thought the patty was a little dry and was going to put mayo on it, but then I noticed that avocado + lemon juice would be a good substitute for the creamy/sour taste of mayonnaise.

And I already showed you this meal but I’ll include it in the weekly roundup anyway:

Ciabatta bread, burrata, panzanella salad (and basil from Mom's garden)

Ciabatta bread, burrata, panzanella salad (and basil from Mom’s garden)


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