Sunday Run, 10k prep

Eeek! My 10k race is only 11 days away and the longest I’ve gone since the half is 5 miles.

This morning I set out with a goal of 5 or 6 miles but as I started running, it turned out to be only 5. I did a 5 mile run + 1.5 m of warm-up/cool-down.

I haven’t run on this path for a long time, and it was looking beautiful today:

scenic run

The birds were singing, the flowers smelled pretty

The path is in a protected area because eagles nest there, so there are always tons of other birds there singing away. But one thing I don’t like about this path is that the pavement is uneven and banked (is that the right word?) I don’t know if it’s because there is water on both sides of the path – to keep flooding away, or just because of lack of maintenance, but the center is much higher than the sides. I worry that it will lead to issues with my left leg running on the higher level.

scenic run

Water on both sides of the path

It was so pretty that I didn’t notice the heat much. I ran in my new minimalist shoes and my calves were surprisingly doing okay.

New Balance WT10

New Balance WT10

I burned 852 calories during the whole session.

calories burned

I’m sorry you have to look at my hairy arms

 If you’re noticing that 852 is unusually high for 6.5 miles, it’s because my heart rate was above 172 for almost all of the 2nd half. That’s why I couldn’t finish that 6th mile. I’d walk for one minute to bring it down, but as soon as I started jogging even slowly, it shot back up. It’s weird – I wasn’t exactly tired, I didn’t feel overheated, my muscles weren’t hurting at all. I was just out of breath. I felt like “If my heart would stop beating so fast, I could keep going.”

What can I read or do to increase my HR threshold? I want to get faster at running, but I feel like I’m being held back because I tend to reach max HR quickly. If I jog at a pace that keeps my HR in the normal zone then, well, I’m not getting any faster. I’m not even sure what terms to search for.


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