Farmshare Week 3

Another week, another CSA pickup! Week three’s haul was a bit light but I don’t mind because I still have some left from last week, and also GARLIC SCAPES.

Week 3 CSA

top row: salad greens, garlic scapes, shelling peas, more mint, broccoli rabe

I also decided I would share some of the things I cooked last week using our vegetables:

summer rolls

Vietnamese summer rolls with roast pork, rice noodles, lettuce from my garden, farmshare mint. Possibly one of the most perfect healthy meals.

I was going to do tofu but I had leftover pork from a weekend bbq and it worked out swell. I need to make spring rolls/summer rolls more often. They are so easy and are perfect for on days when it’s too hot too cook. The formula is also infinitely customizable. I have made it without noodles for super low calorie lunch, gone vegetarian style, used rice when I didn’t have noodles, made “fusion” rolls such as jerk chicken and mango. I need to work on making the sauce correctly though.

pastry creme

Pastry cream with local strawberries, served with elderberry cordial from Vermont. I bought the cordial at the farmer’s market the day before I got married. Aww.

Jacques Pepin is my imaginary grandfather who teaches me to cook. I saw him make this cream on TV and I made it that same night. It is dangerous – quick and easy to make, ingredients are almost always on hand (I use whole milk), and of course rich and delicious. I’m sorry for introducing you to this. Recipe for pastry cream via Jacques Pepin

I bought two quarts of strawberries from the strawberry festival, and I’ve almost eaten them all. My grand plan was to make strawberry jam (not enough time) or a dessert/pie (didn’t want the calorie bomb sitting in my fridge) so other than this one serving of pastry cream, they all went straight into my belly. I don’t mind at all.

mini pizza

Mini pizzas: dough from bakery, ricotta & romano cheese, mushrooms, caramelized onion, topped with salad greens & hot sauce.

I could eat pizza for dinner every day, so I compromise with mini and lighter versions. Pizza recipe (kinda) via Cooking Light

peach waffles

Waffles for dinner: cornmeal waffles, bourbon caramel sauce, peaches (grocery store), mint, and a glass of bourbon

Waffles is another favorite food of mine. I usually save “waffles night” for Fridays when I plan to do a long run on Saturday morning but I needed to use the peaches up quickly. Caramel peach sauce via Martha Stewart. The bourbon was all me: just add a shot of bourbon when you add the peaches.

I hope these meals help you with ideas for how to use your fresh vegetables. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (@vilay) and Instagram (@everydayasian)


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