Farmshare – Week 2

Here is my week 2 farmshare haul:

week 2 farmshare plus some bread

week 2 farmshare plus some bread

I got mustard greens, radishes, mesclun greens, shelling peas, and more mint. Our farmer is sweet – he was excited about how good the peas were and had us try some raw ones on the spot. They were pretty sweet on their own. I never thought to try raw peas. On the way home, I bought bread and pizza dough from the bakery.

So many greens! I am still working on finishing all of the greens from last week since we went on vacation. And what can I do with all of this mint?? I wanted to do some lighter, veggie-filled meals in order to detox from vacation and because I had so many pounds of greens. The first night, I didn’t even have to go grocery shopping. I grabbed some egg rolls out of the freezer (thanks to Mom) and made this noodle bowl salad again:

Noodle bowl

Noodle bowl: 2 egg rolls, rice noodles, salad greens, mint, radishes

Typically you would use romaine lettuce. I think the mesclun greens were a little too bitter.

On the second day home, I needed something to pull a meal together so I got some cheese to go with the radishes.

Blythedale Farm Camembert

Blythedale Farm Camembert

I made little tartine things of wheat bread, a schmear of camembert, and sliced radishes, all toasted in the oven. I don’t know if that’s even a “thing,” I just kinda made it up. On the side, I sauteed last week’s broccoli rabe and braising greens with olive oil, garlic, and lemon pepper seasoning.

Radish tartines for dinner. Not the most photogenic, but delicious.

Radish tartines for dinner. Not the most photogenic meal, but delicious.

I still don’t really care for radishes on their own. It took some work to eat the ones in my noodle salad. But if they are sauteed or nestled in fatty gooey cheese? Sure, why not. I felt fancy thinking this dinner was a French Women Don’t Get Fat kind of meal. Fresh, rich food but in small amounts. I ran 4 miles right before dinner and the fat and carbs were very satisfying. I think I am low in protein for the day though.

Pfew. I just about used up all of last week’s vegetables, except for a bit of the salad greens and the snow peas. I think all that’s left of the salad greens is the frisee stuff that I picked around, so I might compost that. And I just can’t bring myself to eat snow peas so I might pawn them off on someone else.

I’m already getting tired of mesclun salad. Next week’s menu might have to include some kind of wilted salad or pasta with salad greens just to change up the texture.


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