Hello from Florida

Hello from sunny Florida! While the weather at home in Rhode Island was nothing but thunderstorm, flooding, and temps barely in the 60’s, Florida is…being Florida. Hot as fuck.

Good news #1: My grandparents have a treadmill at their house.
Bad news: They rarely use their central air. The inside temp is constantly 80 degrees. No way am I gonna run on that treadmill in that dusty house.

Good news #2: I found a nice long trail near their house.
Bad news: The whole way looked like this –

Florida trail

Nothing but asphalt and full sun

Asphalt. Zero shade. 80+ degrees.

It was a chore to get out the door by 8am and by that time it was already 80 degrees. Miserable. I wanted to do 5 miles but I could only manage 3 (at much slower than target pace) then I walked 1 mile home. Even after walking for a mile, it took a long time for my body temp & my brain to come back to normal. How do you Southerners do it?

After the torturous treadmill and full-sun jog, I also tried the swimming pool. It was small, so I just kinda kicked back & forth and did some doggy paddling 🙂

Enough of the work. It was boring in the suburbs so I lived it up with some amazing food:

I had brunch at Cask & Larder:


Milk-braised pork, candied collards, sun gold tomatoes, grits

The pork serving was not too big and I compromised by not eating the grits. That blob on the side of my plate was the “white bread puree” from my husband’s plate. My husband had this deliciousness:

Nashville Hot Chicken

Buried under that egg is spicy fried chicken, dill potatoes, and white bread puree.

Of course, the next day I drove kinda far to seek out this amaze-balls donuts:

Donuts to go

Donuts to Go in Sanford, FL

a dozen donuts

Row 1: sour cream, Snickers, key lime, Almond Joy
Row 2: chocolate pretzel, oreo, old fashioned glazed x 2
Row 3: coconut crunch x 2, sprinkles x 2

On day 1, I ate half each of the almond joy, key lime, and chocolate pretzel. On the 2nd day, I ate the sour cream. I don’t even have to tell you how good they were.

We cooked a bit at home. I made jambalaya one night. Grandma made Vietnamese pho, and then this noodle bowl thing which is one of my faves yet I rarely get to eat it:

noodle bowl

two small egg rolls, about half cup of rice noodles, a bunch of lettuce & herbs

And when I was taking a picture of the bowl, Grandma said “Take a picture of this one! This one is better!” She’s funny and she loves to post pictures of Facebook.

egg rolls

Grandmother insisted I take a picture of her egg rolls

I can’t believe I got away with only eating 3 of these egg rolls. Usually I cannot control myself. But I still splurged a lot so far and am not looking forward to seeing the aftermath.

Part II of my trip later!


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