Farmshare – Week 1

I bought a CSA share with Runaway Farm. This is my second summer with them but my 5th time doing a farmshare overall. What is a farmshare? In short, I pay money up front and get a box of mystery vegetables every week for the next 18 weeks. I love it. It works out to about $18 a week with more than enough vegetables to feed 2 people. I end up blanching & freezing quite a bit, or offering to make veggie dishes for potlucks because we can’t eat it all fast enough. It’s also like getting to play Iron Chef each week with the mystery ingredients.

Today was the first pick up of the season and this is what I got:

CSA week 1

First farm share of the season

Starting from the radishes at the bottom and going clockwise, we have radishes, mustard greens, sugar snap peas, mint, mesclun greens, and broccoli rabe. I know you can’t get a sense of the volume, but trust me it is a lot! The broccoli rabe alone is a couple pounds, which is amazing because Whole Foods sells broccoli rabe in such tiny bunches compared to this bag full.

I bought the ham steak & bacon, which were not included in the share but I was just too tempted by the offer of free range, small farmed pork. The bacon was $10/lb and uncured ham was $8/lb which isn’t bad considering I am standing there talking to the farmer himself. People pay way more for boutique meats from Nieman Ranch, etc and I have it right here in front of me.

During the winter, I get most of my food at the grocery store but from early summer through fall, almost everything I eat straight off someone’s farm. I almost forgot what a pleasure it is to be a locavore during peak farming season. Between the fresh eggs from my friend Anne and my farm share, half of my food is taken care of without any effort at all.

I can’t wait to dive into these veggies this week! Tonight’s dinner might be one of my favorite “CSA pickup day” dinners: sunny side up eggs with garlicky sauteed greens.


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