Exercise blues and mental training

I hate to confess, but after my dismal performance in the half marathon, I lost all interest in running and training. Since the race 3 weeks ago, I’ve only run maybe 3x and gone to kickboxing 3x.

Today was a funny (as in strange) day though. I got very little sleep, and was on the verge of falling asleep all day at work. I was crabby from lack of sleep. Somehow though, I found the will to do two sets of 20 flights of stairs. Then I came home and crashed into a long nap. When I woke up it was only 6:00 so I thought, what the hell, let me try to get in a little run. Something inside was telling myself that I was itching to move, and I also said that even if I walked 2 miles, it was ok and better than nothing. Getting to put on my pink running skirt for the first time this season also helped boost my mood.


I’m hoping that my sexy wet armpits will signal how not serious I am about taking selfies.

I went out and ended up doing my first “tempo” run. I ran 2.5 miles at my 5k pace, and only stopped to walk twice. Usually, I never have the willpower to do any training run at 5k pace let alone without following my Jeff Galloway run/walk ratio. Somehow even on a day when I felt super blah, I got in a proud run and did all of those stairs. (I’m going to be so sore tomorrow) Maybe taking the pressure off was just the magic I needed. Maybe this is the push I need to get back in the game.


My bowling game: I went bowling yesterday and today my forearms are sore. Does that count as a workout?

Over the weekend I made these black bean & cheese enchiladas from Cooking Light. They are delicious, filling, and at only 300 calories for a serving of 2 enchiladas that leaves you room to add a little rice or a third enchilada to bring it up to 500 Cal. Or my favorite option, fill up with veggies to save calories for a little dessert. The simple enchilada sauce is also pretty rad. I used to boost the flavor of plain egg whites. I love Tex-Mex or Mexican and this is one of those things I can eat every day. So much flavor!


Messy but delicious black bean enchiladas.

My free subscription to Runner’s World just started. I never read it before because I didn’t consider myself a “runner” but I already learned a lot from it. I read a great article on mental training, with information from a sports psychologist. Never even knew there was such a thing! The mental game is definitely a huge weakness for me, and I didn’t realize there is training that I can do to overcome it. I’m hitting a plateau with my running progress and it’s definitely because I need more mental toughness to push myself.

When I first started running, I kept a journal of my workouts. I haven’t written in it since September 2012 but I am resolving to go back to it. I’m hoping to write down not only what exactly I did to work out, but then how I feel about the workouts mentally and physically. Focus on positives!

P.S. I’m trying to get better about taking pictures for the blog. Seeing other peoples’ blogs loaded with pics always grabs my attention, but then when it comes to myself I always feel so ridiculous taking selfies or asking someone “take my picture!” How do you handle it?

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