No more Nike Livestrong

Nike finally formally announced that they will stop making Livestrong products by the end of this year.

This probably means the leftover stuff will be on clearance racks throughout the next year. When I was shopping for a running jacket, Nike had a Livestrong Vapor Jacket on clearance. They had the jacket in other colors but only the Livestrong model was on sale. As much as I liked the style, features, and price I just couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger. Maybe if the logo had been smaller I wouldn’t care so much. I don’t know why I care so much especially since I’m talking here about wearing Nike in the first place. Maybe because I care about fashion so in a sense I care about what your clothes say about you. I just thought it was kinda embarrassing to be wearing basically Lance’s name. I couldn’t help smirking when I had to ride Livestrong bikes in spin class.

On the other hand, you could also say:

  • It’s just a shirt/jacket/shoes, who cares what it says. (in which case, why you buying Nike then?)
  • Lance is innocent! I don’t care!
  • The Livestrong foundation has done good things no matter what else Lance is involved in

It’s heartbreaking that the actual Livestrong foundation is collateral damage in this mess, but now they have name recognition so hopefully they can bounce back.

What do you think? Do you still sport your old Livestrong gear? Would you buy any new stuff? Maybe you’ll score some good deals this year!


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