Shape Diva Dash New York 2013 coupon

Remember how I hooked you up with a coupon for the Boston Diva Dash? That race is already close to selling out! If you want to register for New York Diva Dash, you better get on that right quick.

This race series looks like a blast. It’s a low pressure 5k distance with obstacle courses thrown in to make things interesting: could be a balance beam, a mud puddle, monkey bars, or getting balls thrown at you. I think there are a few surprises in store too. I love the laid back nature of this race: you don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with and you can wear whatever you want because costumes are encouraged. The reg fee ($45 if you use my coupon code: NYVILAY) gets you a women-specific wicking shirt, a goodie bag, and entrance to the after-party. Plus, they choose a charity in each location to receive a donation.

What: Shape Diva Dash, a 5k obstacle run

Where: West Orange, NJ (New York Metro)

When: October 5, 2013

Cost: $55 but save $10 with coupon code NYVILAY

Prices will go up soon, so register now to get the best value


3 thoughts on “Shape Diva Dash New York 2013 coupon

  1. I still don’t know how to sign my team up with the coupon. Please call me at 732-977-3131
    Thx you much
    Stacey Williamson

    • Stacey, first you register yourself and create the team. After that, each team member has to sign up by themselves under the team. The coupon code goes at the end when they put their credit card info to pay.

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