Cox Rhode Races: 4 more days

I can’t believe it’s just 4 more days until my second half marathon! From Sunday until today I was feeling a lot of anxiety due to all sorts of “what-ifs” running through my mind. But as I sat down to write this blog about feeling nervous, I looked back and my feelings turned around.

Two weeks ago, I ran my 12 miles and felt strong.

On Sunday I did 8 miles and felt awesome. I never thought I’d be able to say that I enjoy 6-8 mile distances the most.

Tuesday I did a short 5k run. I always struggle with my weekday runs partly because it’s in the evenings, and also because I can’t get into my groove during the short run. But this one was finally a good one!

Tonight (Wednesday) I went to kickboxing. I worked hard and felt so good.

Sunday I will be ready to crush it.

Some prep that I need to do:
– buy almond butter & bananas for my favorite pre-race breakfast
– figure out what to eat the night before and shop for that
– choose an outfit (yes, that’s important!)
– make a playlist
– scrutinize the map of where the water stops, gatorade stops, and port-a-potties will be


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