No more Nike Livestrong

Nike finally formally announced that they will stop making Livestrong products by the end of this year.

This probably means the leftover stuff will be on clearance racks throughout the next year. When I was shopping for a running jacket, Nike had a Livestrong Vapor Jacket on clearance. They had the jacket in other colors but only the Livestrong model was on sale. As much as I liked the style, features, and price I just couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger. Maybe if the logo had been smaller I wouldn’t care so much. I don’t know why I care so much especially since I’m talking here about wearing Nike in the first place. Maybe because I care about fashion so in a sense I care about what your clothes say about you. I just thought it was kinda embarrassing to be wearing basically Lance’s name. I couldn’t help smirking when I had to ride Livestrong bikes in spin class.

On the other hand, you could also say:

  • It’s just a shirt/jacket/shoes, who cares what it says. (in which case, why you buying Nike then?)
  • Lance is innocent! I don’t care!
  • The Livestrong foundation has done good things no matter what else Lance is involved in

It’s heartbreaking that the actual Livestrong foundation is collateral damage in this mess, but now they have name recognition so hopefully they can bounce back.

What do you think? Do you still sport your old Livestrong gear? Would you buy any new stuff? Maybe you’ll score some good deals this year!


Shape Diva Dash New York 2013 coupon

Remember how I hooked you up with a coupon for the Boston Diva Dash? That race is already close to selling out! If you want to register for New York Diva Dash, you better get on that right quick.

This race series looks like a blast. It’s a low pressure 5k distance with obstacle courses thrown in to make things interesting: could be a balance beam, a mud puddle, monkey bars, or getting balls thrown at you. I think there are a few surprises in store too. I love the laid back nature of this race: you don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with and you can wear whatever you want because costumes are encouraged. The reg fee ($45 if you use my coupon code: NYVILAY) gets you a women-specific wicking shirt, a goodie bag, and entrance to the after-party. Plus, they choose a charity in each location to receive a donation.

What: Shape Diva Dash, a 5k obstacle run

Where: West Orange, NJ (New York Metro)

When: October 5, 2013

Cost: $55 but save $10 with coupon code NYVILAY

Prices will go up soon, so register now to get the best value

New gear review: Marika Balance Collection Capris, and a Marika sale


Photo credit: Groupon Goods

I was lamenting my lack of workout pants when a Groupon Goods deal popped up: a pair of Marika Balance Collection capris for $17 and free shipping. It’s hard to find a cheap bottoms, which is why I was wearing & washing my same 3 pants over and over. Anyway a week later, I tried them on and I love them. They are a higher quality finely woven cotton than the other cheap pants I buy.


Photo: Groupon Goods

I chose the geomatric print above. I will warn you though, that they are 88% cotton and the rest spandex, I wouldn’t wear them for running. I prefer something lighter and more moisture wicking. The fabric is really soft and snug without being constricting. They would be great for any type of fitness class. I would wear them for kickboxing. I especially like that the pants have a higher rise, so you can keep your belly covered when doing crazy moves like burpees, punches, yoga stretches, or whatever you fancy. Hip-huggers don’t cut it for me in the gym. The upside of these being mostly cotton is that they are subtle enough so that I could even wear them as leggings with a tunic or dress. They are worth it for $17 however there is an even better deal out right now.

This isn’t a paid ad; I’m always down for shopping on a budget, and workout clothes can be so expensive so I thought I’d share this with all of you: Marika has a lot of stuff popping up on Groupon Goods lately. Right now, you can pay $12 for one capri, legging, or skort + $3 shipping. If you buy two, you get free shipping so it would be $24 for two bottoms. Pretty awesome since they retail for for around $50 each. Plus you get a free water bottle with every order.

These items are from the Magic Collection which claims to have “tummy control” whatever that means. I don’t know if that sounds comfortable. Also, one of the product descriptions reads: “Inner power mesh provides maximum tummy control, slimming side panels give the leg a slenderized tone look and our exclusive ELASTA-TIGHT two-way stretch fabric makes you look so great, you’ll be walking into the gym with new confidence and motivation to keep up those workouts!” I don’t agree with perpetuating this notion that women are stressed out about looking fat in the gym. Nevertheless, it is a good bargain.

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Nike Lungarglide+4 sale

I notice that a lot of people come to my site looking for the Nike Lunarglide+ 4. Select colors are on clearance again RIGHT NOW. Use coupon code BANKSHOT which brings the total down to $70 instead of the full retail of $110. Add a few other clearance items to get the free shipping. Ends 5/21.

This purple color is one of the sale colors:


(I don’t get anything out of this, just passing on the deal)

Race Recap: Harpoon 5 Miler

My partner ran the Harpoon 5 Miler today and this was the first time I got to watch a race as a spectator

Harpoon 5 Miler

Hanging as a a spectator at the 2013 Harpoon 5 Miler

It was such an awesome event I thought I’d do a re-cap anyway. First of all, this was the best pre and post-race festival of any race. There were plenty of port-a-johns, water even before the event, and Clif was a sponsor handing out Clif bars and energy gummies even before the race.

Although there was no “race expo” and no medal, this race had the best free swag I’d ever seen. As a racer, you got: a drawstring bag and cute (cotton) Harpoon shirt, Clif bar & chips, a cool bandanna, plastic pint glass, coupons (for New Balance!), a food ticket, and three beer tickets. Even the bandanna was cute: it says “Love Beer, Love Running, Harpoon.” At the festival booths, I snagged a few Clif bars, Clif shot gummies, a t-shirt from Scion, and a few little things like beer koozies and keychains. Right after the race started, I happened to be walking past the registration table as they were packing everything up and I asked if I could have a race shirt. Hey, all of the runners were already off and there were boxes of them left. To my delight, she said yes! It’s a New Balance shirt, so even though it’s cotton the quality is nice.

Harpoon 5 Miler t-shirt

Harpoon 5 Miler t-shirt

The race had 3700 runners, and you can only get in through a lottery which is why I wasn’t able to run this one. Let me tell you, if you are a slow beginner like me this crowd is a little scary. These people are fit and fast. Close to 80% ran sub-10:00 miles, and over half ran sub-9:00 miles. That makes me a little scared to enter next year. The crowd also really got into the fun of the costume contest. Here are a few of my favorites:

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