Update on inches lost

When I finished Rondeau’s Biggest Loser program, I had only lost 4 lbs but the inches were very significant. Back in December, I bought these two dresses from BHLDN:

Source: bhldn.com via hot sauce on Pinterest


Cute right? And such a good sale. Having never worn anything from that brand before, I ordered the dresses in size 10 based on their size chart:

Size: 10
Bust: 38
Natural waist: 30
Hips: 40

I chose the size 10 because it was closest to what I thought my bust was. Well when I got them home, the dresses fit over my waist and hips but when it got up to my ribcage, they would NOT ZIP at all. Not even close. It felt like 4 inches too small.

Fast forward to about a week after my final weigh-in at Rondeau’s, I remembered those dresses in my closet and ran to try them on. Drumroll…. THEY ZIPPED. Redemption! Unfortunately no picture of me in the dresses yet because they are too long and need to be tailored still.

I finally noticed that all of my work pants were falling off my butt, so I hit up the mall really quick to get some pants. Like most people, most of my close come from a few main sources. In my case, it’s Macy’s (esp the INC stuff) and Ann Taylor Loft, so I know that I am fairly consistent in those brands. Last time I had bought pants at Macy’s (in January), I was a solid size 8 but borderline 6.  At the Loft, I was a 8p or 6 regular. If I got tapered/skinny leg pants in either store, I usually had to get the size 8. This time, I bought a pair of INC skinny leg pants in a 6, and a skirt in  SIZE 4. At the Loft, I got 2 pairs of skinny-cut pants at the Loft in 6p! (BTW, according to the Loft size chart, that’s 27 inch waist)

I’m glad to know that my puny 4 lbs still translated into a full pant size down and slightly smaller bust. It feels so good and really emphasizes how the number on the scale doesn’t tell the full story.


Farmacy Herbs Ache Away Salve

After a grueling Crossfit workout one day, my sweetie and I stopped at the farmer’s market to pick up some stuff for dinner. This was when I had just started Crossfit. My knee was hurting so bad I could barely walk. As I browsing the stalls, I came across a table for Farmacy Herbs. Desperate, I picked up a jar of their Ache Away salve and put it on during the car ride home. I instantly felt better and I couldn’t believe it.

Farmacy Herbs salve


It doesn’t help you guys since you can pretty much only get this in Providence, but I wanted to give a look at how this completely natural product can actually work for you. Every time my muscles are sore, I use this and it works. It has a bit of an herbal smell but nowhere near as vile as Ben Gay or Icy Hot type of rubs. My jar is over a year old and I can tell that some of the “oomph” is fading, but it still works and best of all, the ingredients are completely free of chemicals. Keep reading for more info about what makes this stuff works.

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