Review: Use Me Cleanser for hair

When I started this blog, I also wanted to write about being holistically healthy as in, what I’m putting in and on my body. So here’s another review about a new “natural” products I’ve been trying.

Use Me Cleanser for Dry & Coarse Hair

Use Me Cleanser

I asked my stylist to recommend a shampoo that would work for both my oily dandruff hair without making it dry or stripping my color.  I always feel like I have to choose one of those and sacrifice the other two, and I usually end up choosing clean scalp over longer color. She recommended a new line called Use Me Products. There’s a lot to read about the company, so go to their website to check it out. They are based out of Portland, ME and are all about being good for your hair and good for the environment. Um, I kind of I love anything that comes out of Portland, ME.

I am using the Cleanser for Dry & Coarse Hair. I have extremely thick, coarse hair to the point where I almost never wash & wear my hair the same day. I need to wash it at night and sleep on it, let it settle, and often use a straightening iron. Otherwise it just looks way too big and poofy. This is a pretty good representation of how my hair looks having washed it, slept on it, but without straightening:


You can see how it is dry, dull, textured, and has this annoying “wavy but not wavy” thing going on. By now, I have been using Use Me shampoo for three months and my hair has improved so much!

My review, including after photos are after the jump:

What I was using before: In the shower right now is a shampoo bar by a small indie company in Maine. Can’t remember the company! I bought it at a craft fair. For the past few years I have mainly been using Lush shampoo bars, usually Soak ‘n Float. I started using this before I really got into natural products and I never really bothered to experiment or switch it up. It took care of my scalp problem, but I know it wasn’t good for my color. As for conditioner, I used whatever is on sale and doesn’t contain silicones. I stopped using silicone hair products a few years ago.

Use Me: After washing and blow drying my hair the first night, it already looked good. It seemed to be looser and I could already tell that the little flyaway hairs that stick up around my hairline were laying flat. It looked good enough to go out with; no sleeping or flattening needed. After these few months, I have barely touched my flat iron and I rarely need any additional product other than a little bit of coconut oil to add shine. I will however give my hair a little bit of curling wand action to help shape the pieces that don’t want to wave like the rest of it.

Here is a picture my friend took of my hair today, after 3 straight months of using this cleanser:


It was washed, conditioned, blow-dried with a diffuser on cool, and the curling wand on a few pieces.


My hair is so soft all the time, the waves form better, and it is shinier than ever. It has never looked and felt this good. It just falls much better. It hasn’t completely cured my flaky scalp, but that situation is definitely better controlled. I estimate that a little longer with this and I will be cured. I also think that my hair has been falling out less. Even though I have a lot of hair, so much of it falls out when I shampoo and I’m noticing the clumps that come out are a getting smaller.

The cost is unfortunately prohibitive. It’s $29 for 12 oz That’s why I could only afford to buy the shampoo and not the conditioner with it. According to their website, you can buy 4 full sized bottles (2 each of the shampoo + conditioner) and then send the bottles back to get them refilled. Meanwhile the first refill is free so that cuts down the cost by about 25%? After that, the refills are around $25 each which does make it more reasonable. My salon says they are going to get their own refill station so that I can bring in my bottles and refill them for a cheaper price. Again, I don’t know what that price will actually be. I thought my $11 Lush shampoo was a luxury but I don’t know if I could ever fathom $29 for another bottle.

I have been conditioning with Avalon Organics Tea Tree & Mint scalp conditioner which was so cheap at Whole Foods ($10 for 32oz) I love this conditioner too! When I first switched over to Use Me, my scalp was still itchy and I used it 2 or 3 times a week. I now have it down where I only need to use the cleanser once a week and then I wash with conditioner 1 or 2 times. So even though it costs $29, I’m only halfway through the bottle after 3 months. I would love to keep using Use Me forever, but I’ll have to weigh the cost and try some other options.


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