New Gear: Nike Lunarglide 4

I got some new gear this week that I haven’t even tried out yet but I’m excited to share.

First item: I ordered these Nike Lunarglide +4 for $60 (!) during Nike’s spring clearance sale.

Nike Lunarglide+ 4I wore the Lunarglide 2 when I first started running & training for my first 5k. I picked them because they were cute and light. I didn’t have any problems, but when I started having ITB pain I went to my local running shop and they recommended a few shoes for my pronating feet. I think my options were the Brooks Ravenna, New Balance 860, and some Nike sneaker. I’m not sure exactly, but this was last June and they were bright hi-lighter yellow colored, and all of the store employees were wearing them. They could have been the Lunarglide, but I seem to remember it having a smaller profile, more similar to the Flyknit. Anyway, I went with the New Balance shoes even though they were not “cute” at all and I did most of my half marathon training in those shoes.

I definitely felt supported and secure in the shoes, but nowadays I sometimes find them too heavy and clunky. My New Balance shoes should hit 300 miles by the time I’m done with the half marathon so I figured I would start with a new shoe right after that. I would love to try a variety of running sneakers but they can be so expensive. The price was right and they are flexible and stylish enough that I can use them for other sports or walking to work, unlike the more “orthopedic” look of my current New Balance.

Maybe now that I have some more experience and more muscles, I can move on to a less supportive shoe. For about 4 months during last year’s half marathon training, I did some of my short runs wearing the Saucony Hattori, a very minimal shoe, until I wore a hole in the toe. For recent short runs and 5k’s, I’ve been running in the Nike Free 3.0 (which I scored on sale for $45. hollah!) This is Nike’s most minimal drop sneaker. I ran all three of my last 5k’s wearing these, and by the last one my pinky toes felt a bit tight but no blisters though. So you see, I do have some experience and the calf muscle for flatter shoes. I’m just a little bit hesitant about choosing a Nike sneaker for long runs. I have notice that Nike’s generally have a narrow toebox that feels snug around my toes. I don’t think I have “wide” feet; Nike is the only shoe I’ve noticed this with. I have a couple pairs of Dunks, and as cute as they are, they are not comfortable. I feel like my toes are squeezed even though they appear wide. Even though I have used Nike trainers, I’ve never run more than 4 miles in them. I wonder how I’ll do on longer distances.

I really hope these Lunarglides work for me because I just love the light weight, flexy knit upper, and stability support for pronation. I’ll give another update once I start training in them.


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