Shape Diva Dash – Boston 2013

Obstacle course races are one of the fastest growing sports trends, but they can be pretty intimidating to anyone who doesn’t consider themselves a hardcore athlete. They just seem so… macho.

Enter the Shape Diva Dash, an obstacle course run that is just for women. It’s only 5k so if you’re used to doing 5k’s, it’s a great way to challenge yourself without the big risk of most other obstacle races that are half marathon length.  You can choose whether you want to be in the competitive wave or not. You can also choose to do all of the obstacles or none at all. See? You only have to do what you’re comfortable with. The event and it’s after-party is all wrapped up in a vibe that only an all-female environment can provide. The tour is making many stops across the country and I am planning to do the greater Boston stop. This event thrives on teamwork, so get your girls together and register as a team. Or be on my team, which is currently a team of 1. You can wear costumes! I love an excuse for theme costumes.

Shape has also made me an ambassador for the event, so I get to offer you a $5 off coupon for Diva Dash Boston. Considering most 5k races alone cost around $30, $50 is totally reasonable since an obstacle course is going to involve a lot more setup. The swag also looks good! You get a technical shirt, drawstring bag, snacks, and the after party.

What: Shape Diva Dash, a 5k obstacle run

Where: Boston, MA (Marshfield, technically)

When: September 7, 2013

Cost: $55 but save $5 with coupon code BOSVILAY


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