Recap: Rondeau’s Kickboxing Biggest Loser class

I just finished the 12 week session of a program called the “Biggest Loser” class at Rondeau’s Kickboxing. It’s also sometimes called the “Transform You” class. A little background: Christina Rondeau is a former professonal kickboxer and opened a women-focused kickboxing gym. The “Biggest Loser” session is a special set of classes that lasts for 12 weeks, and you meet with the same class once a week. You also get some diet counseling, plus weigh-ins every week to keep you accountable. The session costs $250 for unlimited classes during those 3 months, however I got in while there was a sale and paid only $125.

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Review: Use Me Cleanser for hair

When I started this blog, I also wanted to write about being holistically healthy as in, what I’m putting in and on my body. So here’s another review about a new “natural” products I’ve been trying.

Use Me Cleanser for Dry & Coarse Hair

Use Me Cleanser

I asked my stylist to recommend a shampoo that would work for both my oily dandruff hair without making it dry or stripping my color.  I always feel like I have to choose one of those and sacrifice the other two, and I usually end up choosing clean scalp over longer color. She recommended a new line called Use Me Products. There’s a lot to read about the company, so go to their website to check it out. They are based out of Portland, ME and are all about being good for your hair and good for the environment. Um, I kind of I love anything that comes out of Portland, ME.

I am using the Cleanser for Dry & Coarse Hair. I have extremely thick, coarse hair to the point where I almost never wash & wear my hair the same day. I need to wash it at night and sleep on it, let it settle, and often use a straightening iron. Otherwise it just looks way too big and poofy. This is a pretty good representation of how my hair looks having washed it, slept on it, but without straightening:


You can see how it is dry, dull, textured, and has this annoying “wavy but not wavy” thing going on. By now, I have been using Use Me shampoo for three months and my hair has improved so much!

My review, including after photos are after the jump:

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Running at Disney World

My first ever 5k was during the Princess Half Marathon a little over a year ago and ever since then I’ve been dying to do a runDisney race, specifically the Wine & Dine half marathon, the Tower of Terror 10-miler, and the Princess Half Marathon. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like any of those will happen this year.

But I found a little cheat to tide me over until I can actually do a Disney race. I just booked myself a quick trip to Orlando in June. I’m actually going to visit my grandparents, but I will be spending the last night at one of the Disney hotels. I’m not even visiting the parks; I think I’ll be perfectly happy just lounging in the pool surrounded by the lush scenery.

This will be my first time even staying at the Disney resort so I’m a little curious about doing the whole “resort life” thing. Even though I won’t be doing a big fancy race, I am excited about trying out some of their jogging & walking trails. From what I have read, each hotel has a jogging loop. I had no idea the Disney hotels offered this and I think it’s so cool. The thought of jogging on a perfectly flat, foliage-filled, no-pothole, no-cracks, pedestrian-only route sounds like a DREAM.

Does anyone have experience jogging at the resorts? I wonder if I can use the trail if I am not staying at that resort. For example, I’m not staying at the Wilderness Lodge or Animal Kingdom Lodge but I’m guessing those trails would be the coolest.

New gear: iPod Shuffle

The second piece of new gear was a gift! I see that lots of you are using my coupon code to save on your Diva Dash Boston registration. As one of my perks for being a Diva Dash Ambassador, they gave me this little iPod Shuffle. I almost didn’t want to open it because the packaging is so cute.

ipod shuffleIt’s even engraved. Wouldn’t that be cool if you got yourself a little engraved something for finishing a race? Maybe I won’t actually use it until after the event, that way it can be almost like a little functional medal.

Don’t forget, you can still use code BOSVILAY to register and save $5. Two of the waves are already sold out.