Winning Week

I’m high on life this week.

Monday – 2nd day in a row where the scale said 139. I have not seen the 130’s in about 5 years!
Tuesday – Weigh-in day at the gym. My weight at the gym was 1 pound heavier than last week, but I didn’t care because of yesterday. I’m sure it was just based on whatever I ate during the day. I also got measurements. The trainer measured me at the beginning of this program, 6 weeks ago. According to her measurements, I lost tons of inches despite just 3 lbs in pure weight. I know I lost some inches, but I am also skeptical that I lost as many as her measurements stated. I look at her numbers and they just don’t match with mine. Luckily, because I often knit and sew my own clothes, I do have my own  body measurements to compare. My bust, underbust, and biceps are most definitely smaller. I think my waist is only about a half inch smaller.
Wednesday – Early valentine’s day celebration. At the hotel spa, I ran a few miles and right after that went into a cold shower, then hot jacuzzi, then steam room, and another cold shower. It felt amazing! It’s like I got a bunch of toxins out all at once. And then we had a phenomenal dinner at Craftsteak.
Thursday – My first official Valentine’s Day as a married lady. I had lunch and a museum date with my sweet. I also got my 2 year summary from a university health study that I’m doing where they’re researching young adults and weight maintenance. I’m so happy with the results. (More on that later)
Weekend – I went to my very first spinning class with my sister! Five minutes in and my butt was killing me, but it was nice to try something else and exercise with my sis. I also had quality family time and did some epic shopping.

Doctor’s Notes

Back to that health study I’ve been doing: Over the period of 2 years, I only lost 15 lbs but dropped 4 inches from my waist. My bloodwork looks great. One exciting thing was that my triglycerides level started at 98 mg/DL, which is well within normal range (anything under 150 is normal), and after my 2 year checkup my triglycerides are now 49 mg/dL. Wow!

Part of the study involves wearing an armband device that calculates your calories burned based on things like sweat, pulse, body temp. I wear it for one week at periodic times. Before the study started, I was so sedentary that my average calories burned was 1300 per day. After 1 year and continuing throughout the 2nd year, I am now burning average 2000-2100 calories per day. Yay!

All of this info made me so happy. That is why I’m doing this. I wanted to live longer, be healthier, and take better care of my body, and enjoy being fit. The information they gave me is a measurable way for me to see that my new life is worth it, it’s paying off. It’s passed the point of being a diet or a fad. I even voluntarily exercise when I’m on vacation! Even though I’m not losing much weight, I am proud of the fact that I have really changed my lifestyle and that I find pleasure in my physical milestones.

I have a physical exam next week so I’m going to bring her my report to show her that I am improving. I’ve only been with this doc for a year, so to her I’m just fat. Hopefully I can convince her that I don’t sit around eating cheetos all day.


4 thoughts on “Winning Week

  1. Nice! While you’re getting healthier, I’m finishing off a pack of Newman’s Own Oreos. Delish! Unfortunately, I’m definitely getting fatter, too. I need to figure out a way to get my mom to be my personal chef. When I’m at home I’m able to maintain my weight, but when I’m left to my own devices I’m eating oreos, gum drops, and soda. Ugggggggh. Get online sometime?

  2. Sorry, I got side tracked. What I really wanted to tell you was: Spinning? Really?! You can’t start liking bikes. I haaaaaaate bikes! I swear to god the one time I went to a spinning class it gave me a yeast infection. WTF is up with those seats? It’s like they’re trying to chafe your most sensitive parts! Team NO-Bike!

    • The thing is, I’m TRYING to LIKE bikes, and it’s not easy. I guess I didn’t tell you that I bought a used bike last Fall. I rode it to work about 5 times and that’s about it. I want to do that NYC 5 Boro bike ride someday but I think I have to figure out how to like bikes first.

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