Review: Lush Eyes Right mascara

Eyes Right Mascara

Eyes Right mascara, $18.95. Photo from

For my first review, I’ve got a relatively new product, a mascara from Lush called Eyes Right. Lush is not exactly an organic/green/clean company, but they are less chemically than the standards out there. You may see a lot of Lush reviews from me because they were my first intro into sorta-natural products and I love the way they smell. They don’t use the words “natural” to describe their products because they know that word can mean anything. Plus, their products do contain some of the ingredients that are considered toxic in the “clean makeup” world. As I’ll explore with my reviews, there are many different levels of going green so everyone can decide for themselves how far to go.

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I really like this as a daytime mascara. It comes out very smooth and glossy. Other mascaras tend to make your lashes look almost fuzzy when they are packed with fibers and waxes to give it that thickening effect. This looks light and natural but not so natural that it’s invisible. It reminded me a bit of Clinique’s Naturally Glossy.

The packaging is unique. It’s a little glass bottle and the tiny wand looks like a rubber dropper. According to their website, this bottle holds 5 grams of mascara whereas most tubes of mascara only hold 1-2 grams so they make you think you are getting more. I think I de-bunked that claim already. Lush Eyes Right: .2 oz; According to Sephora, my Tarte mascara is .24 oz compared to .2 oz in. Even if their claim was true and you got twice as much product, it has much fewer preservatives than normal mascara, the shelf life is much shorter. Lush says to use it within 3 months.

Other mascaras make a big deal about the technology within the wand itself. This is just a plain, old school wand, nothing fancy. It’s also really short. I would recommend using a spare (cleaned) full sized wand with this to make it easier. I’m lazy and I have small hands, so I make do with what’s there.

Cost was about $19. I’ve never liked drugstore mascaras with the exception of 1*, so to me this is on par with any premium brand mascara. On the other hand, it only lasts half as long.

What I was using before: Day – Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash (not that impressed; came in a set) Night – Tarte Cosmetics Lights, Camera, Lashes (love it).
Bottom line: I like this mascara a lot. It looks very natural and pretty, doesn’t weigh my lashes down and goes on so smoothly. The product claims to condition your lashes too. I can’t say much about that – how would you even be able to tell if your lashes felt conditioned? It doesn’t flake or feel brittle and I feel like I’ve had fewer eye lashes falling out. However, because it is expensive I will keep experimenting with other brands to see if I can find a better price balance though.

*The only drugstore mascara I like is L’Oreal Beauty Tubes, and it very rarely goes on sale. I think the usual price is $12, which is probably the most expensive when it comes to drugstore mascara.


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